Recreation Center Reopens!

First Baptist Church Recreation Center will be reopening on Monday June 22 the Center hours will be 8 to 5, Monday through Friday.

Listed below are the recommendations that we will need to follow during this time until further notice.

To utilize the Center you must not have traveled outside the US in the last 30 days, you do not have a cough, your do not have a fever, and have not been 

exposed to anyone that has tested positive for Covid-19, temperature must be at normal range before you will be permitted to use our facility! 


-Please wash your hands upon entering our facility

-Use the hand sanitizers stations often

-Wipe down any machines before and after use 

-please stay  6 feet away from other individuals while working out

-If we have more numbers of people then the max shown below ALL workouts will be limited to 45 mins


How many people are able to use each space at the same time

Gymnasium- 6 people max

Game room -6 people max

Walking track- 4 people max

Weight room -6 people max

Cardio Room - 4 people max

Locker Room-2 people max

Racquetball- 2 people max


Our front desk staff will wear mask!

We do recommend that you wear mask when entering building.


*Showers, hot tub and sauna‘s will not be in use until further notice.*


More information about our Recreation Center