Services Offerred

We provide a robust choice pantry with a variety of healthy food options including canned goods, cereal, pasta, meat and fresh produce when available. There is also a small clothes closet, as well as personal care and hygiene items available. Ready-to-eat items are also available for anyone who is homeless or doesn’t have the option to cook the regular pantry goods. (In the past we've also offered limited financial assistance for Tyler Water Utilities*, medication assistance** and local bus day passes. Due to Covid-related interruptions in our services, we are not offering these services currently.) 

 *Financial assistance for Tyler Water Utilities is limited to eligible neighbors once every 12 months at the discretion of the appropriate volunteer staff. The past-due water bill must be presented at the time of assistance and the neighbor must be on the account, along with their address matching the service address for them to be eligible.

 **Medication assistance is limited to a voucher to Brick Street Pharmacy for the fulfillment of maintenance medications at the discretion of the appropriate volunteer staff. The original prescription or medication showing a refill must be presented at the time of assistance.

 As a faith-based organization, we offer spiritual encouragement and prayer. We also assist in making referrals to other agencies as needed. All services and assistance is available in both English and Spanish.

 Services provided by the Tyler Family Assistance Center will not discriminate in regard to race, color, gender or religion.