Sewing Hope


Sewing Hope

A ministry of sharing the Love of Jesus through skills of Sewing and Crafting, making items to enable us and others to Share Christ around the World.


We meet every Monday (unless the church is closed)

 9-11:30 a.m.

4 East in the Craft Room

(Optional time of going out for lunch after)


Don't know how to sew? We've got a job for you!

We have lots of opportunities for “sew-ers” and "non-sew-ers".  All projects are collaborative efforts, utilizing all sorts of skills, such as:

  • Organizing Fabrics
  • Sorting Fabrics
  • Selecting Fabrics
  • Cutting (scissors and rotary cutters)
  • Piecing together
  • Ironing
  • Bringing creative ideas to the group and a joyful spirit of fellowship
  • Hand Sewing
  • Machine Sewing ... Bring your own sewing machine (or use one of ours, Singer, Brother, Sergers too)



Teddy Bears (ongoing)
Make little fleecy bears for use on Mission Trips (Texas Valley, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc), Hospital Visits, TFAC giveaways, Birthday Bags for TFAC and other possibilities. Each Bear has a little heart, to move the conversation to sharing the Love of Jesus.

Little Jesus Hearts (ongoing)
These little hearts are small and easy to transport. ‘Jesus Loves You’ or ‘Jesus’ is written on each heart in the language group they are used with. Again ... a way to move the conversation to sharing the Love of Jesus. (These little hearts have been to Poland, The Texas Valley, Turkey, Amazon River in Brazil, etc).

Tote Bags
200 of these were sent to the 2023 Amazon River Mission Trip. They had 60 left over but want to take another 200, so we will be working on those 140 needed by mid-May 2024.

Potholders (ongoing)
Popular item for Women’s Ministries on Mission Trips. Over 300 were made for the 2023 Amazon River Mission Trip.
Nearly 900 were given away during the 2023 Thanksgiving Dinner Sack give-away … again the heart was there to move the conversation to sharing the Love of Jesus.

This year, 2024, we will be sending another 300 with a new twist to it, using the ‘colors’ (Black, Red, White, Green, Blue and Gold)**. The Children’s and Men’s team use these colors so now the whole family will hear the Gospel Colors. 

TRAC Camp Blankets
These blankets are bought by several of the women’s SS classes. We help with sewing 2 pieces of Fleece together and cut the fringe and the Kids then tie them at the camp. 

Coming up soon!!!   Packing Feminine Hygiene P’s Party TBD

Sewing Hope began with this project in 2018. The group made 20,000 reusable Feminine Hygiene pads and 2000 Drawstrings Bags for Ministry in Nepal. We work with National partners and BGR now Send Relief to cover costs in the country. The last of the pads will be delivered sometime this year. So ... watch for details and come help!

Sewing Hope has done other projects as well …
-Making over 5000 Face Masks during the beginning of the Covid outbreak in 2020 sending them to church members, our Tyler Community and all over the USA (Acts 1:8).
-We have helped with revamping Men’s shirts for paint smocks for the children’s area and helped with costumes on several occasions.
-We also made 30 ‘Matzah Tosh’ bags (4 layers of solid fabrics with 3 sides sewn) for the Sedar meal last year.


God brings us unique and needed projects of ways to Share His Love.

Not sure? Come and see where you can plug in!


**Sharing the meaning of the Gospel Colors:
Black – Sin; Red – Jesus's blood; White – Purity; Green – Growth in Jesus Christ;
Gold – Heaven; Optional: Blue – Baptism; Purple – Royalty (child of the King)


If you're interested in serving for this need, please contact Mindy Watson