Student Ministry

The Student Ministry at First Baptist Church of Tyler seeks to help students Live, Teach, and Tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ both individually and within the community of the church.

Our pillars

We base our ministry on three crucial pillars:

First, every student has value. Whether they are the extrovert who has never met a stranger or the introvert who finds comfort in quieter settings, they both have value as children of God.

Second, every student wants to be heard. When a student knows they are valued they are more willing to use their voice to share what they believe and lead others. Our desire to be a safe place for students to be heard as they learn what it means to live for Christ.

Third, every student wants to be a part of something. This is true even if students act like they do not. We desire to be a part of something that is making a difference.

It all comes together like this for us: We work together as a valued group of students, to use our voice and actions, to make a big impact for the Kingdom of God.

Sunday Bible Study  

Every Sunday, students meet with a group of students of their same grade and gender. In these Sunday School classes Biblical truths are taught in a way that relates to their lives and their current situations. Our Sunday School teachers are faithful followers of Christ who have a calling to invest in the lives of our students.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday evenings we have The Ticket from 6:00-7:15 in the Student Center. Every Wednesday we provide a home cooked meal for your student. We eat around the tables and fellowship before we begin our events for the night. The Ticket has 5 different schedules that are rotated through.


Types of Ticket Nights

 Calling- Our Calling nights are nights in which Casey teaches from the Scriptures in a Biblically sound, engaging way. We will study the whole Bible while addressing how a relationship with Christ impacts every aspect of our lives.

Conversation- Our Conversation nights will consist of us addressing either main doctrines found in Scripture, current issues and the Christian's response, or even some storytelling. Casey, or maybe someone else who has expertise on the issue, will lead these nights and the goal will be to get our students discussing these topics.

CHAOS- This one needs little explanation. We are going to have organized chaos for the night. This will include games, events in the gym, or maybe even events out in the community. The goal of these nights is to provide an opportunity to invite friends to have fun at the church!

Community- We will talk about local ministries and about how we can partner with them to make an impact in the city of Tyler and surrounding areas.

Church- We invite members of FBC to come and share their testimony, why they attend our church, and why they serve Christ and others. The members invited come from many different generations in our church.  

Major Events throughout the Year 

REFUGE Summer Camp- Summer Camp is always a blast and offers students an opportunity to break their routine to encounter Christ. Not only do we have corporate worship and engaging preaching, we also provide breakout sessions handling cultural issues. Last year we added a new element entitled CHAOS nights which were themed. Everyone was encouraged to dress up and they certainly did!

Disciple Now- A weekend get-a-way while staying in town to worship, study God’s word and have a ton of fun. Disciple Now for many of our students is the most important time of the year for their relationship with Christ. Included in the schedule is our Random Act of Kindness element in which our students will serve people in our local community.  This weekend typically happens in February.  

Bounce- During Spring Break week we partner with Bounce Student Disaster Relief of the BGCT to help those affected by natural disasters in our state. We view this trip as a family trip that happens within the Student Ministry.