Together We Worship

Church Family, 

We are standing at an important moment in the history of First Baptist Tyler.  Our opportunity and responsibility continues to be to share the gospel to a lost and hurting world and make disciples, as we have done for nearly 171 years, 105 of those gathering for worship in our current sanctuary.   I’m so thankful we have chosen to continue to position ourselves in downtown Tyler to minister to our neighbors as well as those throughout the world.
  This is truly a very significant church family in a very special place.

However, the beautiful and spacious campus God has provided through the generosity of those who came before us is aging - and the time is now for our generation to steward it well to ensure effective future ministry.  The project before us involves renovation of our sanctuary as well as replacing the heating and cooling systems for the main church building. The plan details and renderings are enclosed for your review.

I’m inviting you to prayerfully consider with your family how generous you can be to help us accomplish this challenging project for the glory of God.  Remember, it’s all His, and we get to engage His heart as we give over and above our regular gifts to our budget.  This is part of being a living sacrifice and is part of our true and proper worship.

Generosity is not what God wants from us, but what God wants for us!  This is an exciting time in the life of our church, and a time to see our faith grow, our relationships strengthen and our hearts rejoice, as together we worship!

For Our Future,


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